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We are a team of South African lawyers dedicated to finding solutions to legal problems for both companies and individuals. We offer tailored legal services and take into account the particular situation of our clients. No two cases are alike, and we strive to find solutions that will not only be straightforward but will also allow the client to disrupt his business or his life as little as possible during the legal proceedings.

Because we strive to offer a wide range of legal solutions, we work with a dedicated team of lawyers in South Africa who specialize in all areas of law. Our team specializes in Family Law, Property Law, Commercial and Corporate Law. We are well-versed in many different areas, a key trait that allows us to offer inter-related services to our clients. 

If you plan to relocate to South Africa, you can rely on the assistance provided by our immigration experts. If you are a foreign national already in the country who needs legal assistance, our team will be happy to answer your questions concerning family law or in any other areas. If you are a business owner, having the support offered by an experienced legal team can be tremendously helpful for the overall growth of your business, just as well as in key or crisis situations when you are in need of legal assistance and/or representation.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in South Africa

Legal advice and representation in case of standard and complex business disputes concerning compliance, shareholder disputes, tax or employment disputes, breach of contract and others

Company formation in South Africa

Complete assistance during the incorporation of resident companies. Assistance for registration and licensing
Banking  Assistance and information on the main legal and regulatory issues concerning banking, investment funds, insurance and financial services

Employee agreements, fair dismissals, dispute resolution, human resources restructuring, employee risk management

International investments
in South Africa
Merger and acquisition transactions, legal services for foreign branches and subsidiaries in South Africa
Tax matters 

Tax advice, tax compliance and implications


Corporate restructuring, voluntary insolvency, compulsory insolvency, bankruptcy

Intellectual property Trademark application and opposition, design and patent application and revocation, copyright infringement
Debt recovery services  Amicable debt collection and court collection
Real estate issues Due diligence, commercial sale and purchase, legal assistance for real estate developers, solutions for real estate disputes
Residential conveyancing Assistance for individuals who wish to purchase residential property in South Africa
Individual employment Worker rights protection, collective bargaining, workplace discrimination or harassment, unfair dismissal and others
Civil litigation  Contractual disputes, personal injury, damages claims, consumer protection, etc.
Divorce and family law Assistance throughout the divorce procedure, child custody and maintenance matters, adoption and surrogacy, the division of assets, wills
Immigration services
in South Africa
Temporary and permanent residence permit applications, citizenship applications, other immigration enquiries

Read below to find out more about our services offered by our law firm in South Africa and reach out to us as needed if you have specific questions or wish to know more about our expertise in a particular field.

Legal services for businesses in South Africa

Our team offers complete services to companies in South Africa, irrespective of the business field in which they activate.

  1. Litigation: we assist clients who wish to solve different types of disputes through litigation; we offer legal representation in all areas of interest, including but not limited to shareholder disputes, contractual breaches, commercial litigation;
  2. Company formation in South Africa: we assist local and foreign investors who wish to open a company in South Africa; we advise on choosing a legal structure and can assist, as needed, investors who wish to obtain various permits and licenses for their business;
  3. Intellectual property: we assist those who wish to make a trademark, parent, design or copyright registration with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission; we also help those who were subject to intellectual property infringement;
  4. Employment: drafting and concluding employment agreements, legislation advice concerning workplace heath and safety and employee rights, employee dispute resolutions, employment matters related to mergers and acquisitions in South Africa;
  5. Others: we also advise clients in areas such as data privacy and protection, insolvency and business restructuring and corporate mergers and acquisitions; a special division of our team can deal with business crimes.

Our tax lawyers in South Africa are able to answer any questions about the applicable local tax regimes and laws. International companies operating in South Africa can rely on our tax experts for matters concerning cross-border taxation according to activity, as well as other matters related to local or international tax issues. Our banking and finance lawyers can answer questions related to investment banking and the incorporation of different types of financial services providers in South Africa.

Legal services for individuals

We can assist you with the following:

  1. Immigration: we assist those who are interested in immigration to South Africa; our team can help foreign nationals apply for the needed residence permit and make all the necessary registrations once they arrive in the country; we also assist those interested in family reunification in South Africa;
  2. Family: drafting wills, estate administration, as well as other issues related to the division of assets;
  3. Divorce: a special division of our team assists former couples who wish to start the divorce proceedings; we also assist in matters concerning children;
  4. Employment: employees in South Africa looking to understand the local employment regulations, as well as their rights and obligations, can seek legal assistance and advice from our team;
  5. Property: assistance for property purchases, as well as legal advice and representation, as needed, in landlord and tenant disputes.

If you want to relocate to the country, our immigration lawyers in South Africa will answer your questions.

For more information about the services we provide to our individual clients, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our attorneys.

Work with us

We focus on providing results and solutions that are unique to our client’s needs. We practice in many areas of law, and we have chosen to work with experienced professionals in each of these areas, all for the benefit of our clients. When working with us, you can rely on the ability and professionalism of each an attorney in South Africa at our law firm, as well as on the collaboration of our entire team, when needed, to find solutions for more complex business or legal solutions.

If you wish to work with our immigration lawyers in South Africa, we recommend reaching out to us before you apply for the temporary residence permit.

We will start by analysing your case and, according to the purpose of your stay, provide you with essential information about the types of visas for residency in South Africa which allow the holder to remain in the country for a long-term period. We can also provide information on how to extend the validity of an existing residence visa, as well as how to apply for a change of status if needed.

We provide both in and out-of-court solutions, meaning that we can represent our clients in court, just as well as propose an alternative dispute resolution method, where appropriate, such as arbitration or mediation. You can rest assured that, with our help, the legal process will be a straightforward one, during which you will have an open communication channel with our experts, in an accessible and understandable manner.

South Africa is a country under continuous development, which was subject to an impressive political transition.

  • the estimated population in mid 2021 was 60,14 million;
  • total employment increased by 0,6% in September 2021 (on a quarter-on-year);
  • manufacturing production increased by 3,7% in November 2021, compared to October 2021.

If you are interested in immigration to South Africa for business purposes, we can assist you.

Contact our South African law firm for more information about our services and to schedule an initial appointment.