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Immigrate to South Africa from UK

Immigrate to South Africa from UK

British citizens may choose to immigrate to South Africa from UK for reasons such as employment, doing business, or reuniting with their spouse. A UK citizens can enter South Africa and remain here for a period of 90 days without a visa, however, for purposes related to relocation, they will need a temporary resident visa.

If you want to move to South Africa from UK, your first step is to decide on the type of temporary visa you will be applying for. This means having the purpose of stay determined, and also having the needed documentation. Working with our lawyers in South Africa is a useful step, as we can guide you throughout your application process.

Our law firm offers many types of services to local and foreign clients. You can reach out to us as soon as you decide to immigrate to South Africa from UK, or if you are interested in other legal matters. We also offer complete support for company formation in South Africa.

Temporary residency in South Africa for British citizens

As part of the process you will follow to relocate to South Africa from UK, you will first apply for a temporary residence permit for study, work, business, joining family (a relative or spouse), or retirement. An important issue to keep in mind about the application is that the processing period for your temporary residence permit can take up to 90 days. Scheduling your application in advance is recommended when you decide to immigrate to South Africa from UK.

The documents that you will submit for the temporary residence visa include the following:

  • A valid passport and a recent passport-sized photograph;
  • Payment proof for the processing fee;
  • ¬†Police clearance, medical and radiology reports are needed when you relocate to South Africa from UK (exceptions apply for the latter);
  • Supporting documentation, as necessary for each visa type (employment agreement, proof of investment, marriage certificate or other documentation to prove the relationship, etc.).

Once you obtain your visa, you will remain in South Africa for the duration of the temporary residence permit and for the specific intended purpose. Holders of business visas can also study part-time in South Africa.

The following fees are relevant for applicants:

  • Study permit and retired person permit: R425 (approx. GBP18);
  • Business permit and work permit: R1,520 (approx. GBP65);
  • Other costs: proof of minimum investment in the case of business visas (at least R5 million to be invested/about GBP214,255).

The application is submitted to the South African High Commission in London. Our South African lawyers can verify your documentation before you make your submission in order to ensure complete compliance.

How we can assist you when you move to South Africa from UK

An attorney in South Africa from our team who specializes in immigration matters will guide you throughout your initial application for a temporary residence permit.

Foreign nationals who have been living in the country for a minimum of five years (based on a work permit) can apply for permanent residence in South Africa with our assistance. For this purpose, you will be required to provide certain documents, as well as to prove that you are financially independent.

The goal for many foreigners who decide to immigrate to South Africa is to be able to apply for citizenship. This is done by naturalization for UK nationals who have no ties to SA, however, it can also be awarded to children (when adopted by a South African citizen), or it can be obtained through marriage (subject to conditions).

Contact our South African law firm as soon as you decide to relocate from the UK. We assist foreign nationals who wish to submit an application for temporary residence with the authorities, as well as foreign nationals who are already lawfully residing in the country.