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Legal Services in South Africa

Legal Services in South Africa

We specialize in offering a wide range of legal services in South Africa and our team of experienced attorneys provides high-quality legal representation. We strive to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients and we have assisted clients with diverse legal needs, from corporate to personal, by providing expert advice, representation, and solutions.

Our areas of expertise include commercial law, with a focus on company formation in South Africa, property law, and family law matters. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals and our combined experience allows us to offer a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Some of the services offered by our South African lawyers include the following:

  • Litigation services for civil and criminal cases;
  • Corporate and commercial legal services for businesses, including company formation in South Africa;
  • Family law services such as divorce and child custody, but also services for those who wish to immigrate to South Africa;

We focus on providing complete legal services to our clients and, for this purpose, our team includes legal practitioners who specialize in all areas of law, such as labour law, family law, and commercial law. You can reach out to us with your case and, following a first evaluation, our trusted team will provide you with suitable solutions that consider your particular situation.

Legal solutions for companies in South Africa

An important part of our legal services in South Africa consists of assisting businesses and entrepreneurs who choose to set up their businesses in Cape Town or in other locations. We can help you with:

  • Choosing the right business form: the private and public companies have different characteristics that can be presented in detail by our team; moreover, we also assist foreign businesses interested in expanding their activity to South Africa through a branch office;
  • Preparing the incorporation documents: this step includes not only the guidance for preparing the company’s constitutive documents but also assistance in reserving a business name in South Africa;
  • Registering the business: our lawyers in South Africa assist investors who wish to register a business with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission;
  • Obtaining any necessary licenses: additional licensing is required in certain business fields; our lawyers will help answer your questions and assist with the needed application;
  • Other post-registration steps: our tax South African lawyers can answer your questions about corporate tax compliance; our accountant in South Africa will help your business remain compliant with the annual reporting requirements;

Different legal services for businesses offered by our lawyers in South Africa include the following:

  • Dispute resolution: legal advice and representation in commercial disputes, as well as recommendations for alternative dispute resolution when appropriate;
  • Employment: drawing up and vetting employment agreements, employment policies, health and safety laws, dispute resolution in employment matters;
  • Intellectual Property: our South African lawyers assist clients interested in trademark protection and oppositions, copyright infringement issues, designs and patents protection, franchising issues concerning IP rights, etc.;
  • Others: we also offer legal services in real estate matters, as well as tax issues, and sector-specific laws such as those applicable in banking and finance, construction, healthcare, or technology and innovation.

According to some of the key findings of the Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies in South Africa, the number of small businesses in the country is growing:

  • in 2022, there were 710,000 formal small companies in South Africa, increased from 680,000 in 2019;
  • in 2022, 4% of the young population (aged 15 to 35) were business owners;
  • women own about a quarter of the small formal businesses, and black people own approximately 95% of the informal number of enterprises.

As the number of small businesses increases, our team is ready to provide solutions according to industry, business type, and size.

For a complete list of our corporate and business services, please do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney in South Africa from our team.

Legal assistance for individuals

Clients interested in immigration to South Africa can rely on our attentive services throughout their relocation process. Some of our most important work with international clients is related to residency in South Africa, and the assistance we offer to those who wish to apply for a residence permit, irrespective of their purpose of stay.

According to recent data, South Africa’s population amounts to 60,414,495 people. Other data shows that:

  • Cape Town is the most populous city, with 3,433,441  inhabitants;
  • the two second-populous cities are Durban (with a population of 3,120,282 and Johannesburg, with a population of 2,026,469);
  • the population density is 50 people per square kilometer.

Some of the legal solutions for natural persons provided by our South African law firm include the following:

  • Divorce: when a marriage has reached an irretrievable breakdown, our lawyers will be considerate in their assistance during the divorce proceedings;
  • Family Law: separate from our divorce practice, we also focus on many other different aspects of Family Law, such as adoptions, wills and probate, the law of succession, and others;
  • Conveyancing: an attorney in South Africa from our team can assist clients interested in purchasing property by making sure that the documentation is complete, and that the real estate transaction takes place according to the rules in force;
  • Employment: we advise our clients on their rights as employees in South Africa, the minimum wage and leave they are entitled to, we assist in cases of harassment, unfair dismissals, or workplace injuries, among other cases.

Our work focused on the needs of our individual clients always takes into account personal situations, which vary in complexity and therefore may also influence the case.

For a complete list of our legal services, you can always reach out to our team to schedule an initial evaluation. If you are interested in obtaining residency in South Africa, you can contact us even before you apply for the residence permit.

We are here to help answer your questions about your legal rights in South Africa, and offer expert legal advice in many areas of law. Contact us for more information about our legal services in South Africa.

Our dedicated team can also assist you if you are interested in opening a specific type of business, such as a cryptocurrency company in South Africa.